About Us


Hi, Ladies and Gentleman, I am very curious to share some information about myself and my journey.

I am very interested in learning new things about straws and leather materials with their detailed application.

In my journey, I attended different programs related to waste and its reuse in terms of making different types of straws.

My main motto is to deliver all the information related to straws like their making process, their different varieties, etc.

In this blog, I will try to explore all the important things related to straws and their making process along with their different procedure.

What Is SUKKSTRAWS And Why I Created This Blog?

In the above paragraphs, I explained an overview of my experience and also explained how much I am interested in these all topics.

Many restaurant owners are interested in learning new ideas about straws and their making procedures.

In this platform, we will discuss the different types of straws and their manufacturing process at low cost.

Our team will try to write different blog articles on these topics and deliver useful content to you.

So Don’t Worry

You will always get detailed, point-to-point, and informative articles on our platform which we named “SUKKSTRAWS”.

These are all the things about my blog and my throughout journey in the above paragraphs.

Now I answer some frequently asked questions quickly that may come to your mind about me.

  • My name is James Watt.
  • I am Content Writer and my age is 28 years.
  • I Love Exploring different dishes and their preparation procedures.
  • We are a total of 2content writers working on this sukkstraws
  • Thanks for visiting our blog Share with your friends who love to use straws white drinking.