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Green Ginger Smoothie

✨SAVE THIS RECIPE ✨ Green Ginger Smoothie   Sometimes we gotta be healthy. I know I know, it can't all be ice creams and lattes 🤷.(go back a few posts for that recipe video 😉)   But making the righ...

Tropical Smoothie Recipe

✨SAVE THIS RECIPE ✨ Sukk Tropical Smoothie Brighten up these gloomy winter days with this bangin' Vegan Tropical Smoothie that will transport you to somewhere warm in an instant. Bonus; it's ...

Triple Berry Smoothie

✨SAVE THIS RECIPE✨We love this very simple and easy smoothie recipe here at Sukk. It is perfect for a quick smoothie on the go, and all items can just be grabbed straight from the fridge with mini...

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