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More and more of us make a conscious consumer choice that benefits the world we live in. Yet, we also want to enjoy our Tall, Grande or Venti drinks without knowing that 90% of the 30 million tons of plastic waste we generate in America goes to landfill.  

Sukk provides a sustainable, extendable, retractable and compact drinking straw that not only fits on your keychain, but also fits your personal style. 

We produce over 300 million tons of plastic each year. About 50% of that is for single-use purposes. Which means we use it for a few seconds, then toss it. Sitting on our planet for at least few hundred years. Over 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our beautiful oceans every year.

It's time to make a change, and design doesn't have to suffer either. It's your lifestyle and we want to be apart of your everyday drinking experience.


Click here to shop and find the straw that fits your personal style! 



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“Excellent products and service. I'm confident that Sukk will be the next big thing.”


"I am obsessed with their colors and the sustainability factor is a bonus. I just want them all!"


"I actually bought every color for my whole family. I love that they can fit my kids cups all the way to large soda cups too."


"Sukk is awesome!"


"The black on black is so cool!"


"I got the pack of 4 silicone straws and they are super cool because you get variations of color and type. I can change it up everyday!"


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