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Sukk is a Los Angeles, California based company that was created out of a need for sustainability that fit your everyday lifestyle needs. 

More and more of us make a conscious consumer choice that benefits the world we live in. Yet, we also want to enjoy our Tall, Grande or Venti drinks without knowing that 90% of the 30 million tons of plastic waste we generate in America goes to landfill.  

We need to do better and we want to do better!

Sukk provides a sustainable, extendable, retractable and compact drinking straw that not only fits on your keychain, but also fits your personal style. 



We produce over 300 million tons of plastic each year. About 50% of that is for single-use purposes. Which means we use it for a few seconds, then toss it. Sitting on our planet for at least few hundred years. Over 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our beautiful oceans every year.

Some of us have been accustomed to living a disposable lifestyle. So much so that it is projected that 50% of plastic products are only used once, then thrown away.

It's time to make a change, and design doesn't have to suffer either. It's your lifestyle and we want to be apart of your everyday drinking experience.