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sukk straws


Meet your Sukk Stainless Steel Extendable Drinking Straw


Clay gives you that beautiful desert at sunset tone mixed with a rich brushed yellow gold straw and clay silicone tip.  


  • Clay Vegan Leather Carry Case with Key Chain Slot
  • Yellow Gold, Food Grade Stainless Steel Extendable Drinking Straw
  • Extendable from 2.5" - 8.5"
  • Clay BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Tip (removable)
  • Portable Cleaning Brush

From our Stainless Steel Straws, Vegan Leather carry case, our Recycled Paper packaging, to our 100% Compostable Shipping Bags, we care about sweet Mother Earth.

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“Excellent products and service. I'm confident that Sukk will be the next big thing.”


"I am obsessed with their colors and the sustainability factor is a bonus. I just want them all!"


"I actually bought every color for my whole family. I love that they can fit my kids cups all the way to large soda cups too."


"Sukk is awesome!"


"The black on black is so cool!"


"I got the pack of 4 silicone straws and they are super cool because you get variations of color and type. I can change it up everyday!"


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