What is the most eco-friendly mailer?


Many individuals believe that 100% compostable envelopes are manufactured from 100% renewable resources. Using eco-friendly envelopes is one effective method. Did you realize that eco-friendly, reusable mailers can be used to ship your products?

This is not correct. In addition to PLA (a biodegradable plastic derived from maize), they contain PBAT, a petroleum-based plastic used as a binder. Nevertheless, the use of plastic and other toxic materials harms the environment. Therefore, environmentally conscious manufacturers offer compostable mailers.


1.Poly Mailers
2.Mailer Boxes
3.Paper Envelopes
4.Kraft Paper
5.Bubble Mailers

The forms of compostable mailers are shipping bags, envelopes, and cartons. These are made from biodegradable or compostable materials that decompose rapidly.

Compostable bags take up to six months to decompose in a compost pile, whereas plastic takes decades or even centuries. This PBAT is indispensable. PLA biodegrades very slowly outside of a strictly controlled environment, whereas PBAT biodegrades quickly and makes the mailer home compostable.

Can You Composter Envelopes?

Yes, mailers can be composted. These envelopes are made from a material that decomposes in a reduced period of time. Therefore, you only have to wait three to six months for the mailers to degrade.

However, the same material requires time to decompose in a landfill. The period can extend to 18 months, so it is preferable to store them in a compost pit.

Growing any crop, but particularly GMO corn, for non-human consumption is a major cause of environmental harm and human rights violations on a global scale. You can reuse the packaging for different purposes. Here are nine mailers you can use immediately for your business.

  1. Biodegradable D2W Polymailers Ywduoying

You can use these compostable poly mailers to transmit small items through the mail. Each postal bag is made from high-quality D2W extracted from gum. It is strong, does not break readily, and is composed of a bio-based polymer that secures items.

The D2W extracted from the gum is a stretchable material. Thus, more items can be contained in compostable packaging without being harmed. Additionally, the bags have handles that make them simple to carry or ship.

Each container is completely degradable. These items are certified compostable, so the recipient can dispose of them in the garden or compost bin after opening the delivery. The mailer will not damage the local soil, plants, or animals. The cultivation of genetically modified maize (the type used to produce PLA) requires substantial amounts of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

When delivering deliveries, you may be caught out in the rain on occasion. In our quest to address another environmental problem, we must not further degrade one of the planet’s most valuable resources.

You can ship items such as books, accoutrements, documents, gifts, and other non-fragile items in them. If a business wants to make a difference and demonstrate this by using sustainable materials, it can opt to use only these recycled mailers.

In numerous customer evaluations, the product’s fantastic quality and brilliant hues are praised. It is lightweight and durable, accommodating a variety of objects. The only disadvantage of the home compostable mailer is that it is too thin.

  1. PHAREGE Mailing Boxes for Shipping

When searching for biodegradable mailers, card cases that are suited to businesses are another option. PHAREGE manufactures 13x10x2-inch boxes for shipping various items to consumers.

It has been suggested that “PLA for poly mailers comprises less than 0.05% of the annual global corn crop” is evidence that PLA is an eco-friendly material. After obtaining the package, the cardboard box can be recycled or added to a compost pile.

This method of thinking is extremely deceptive. The 2-inch thickness of each box ensures that it can withstand multiple handlings. The crates are lightweight and take up little room.

Each and every mailing receptacle has a secure lid. The lid features two distinctively designed securing tabs. The minimal impact of compostable mailers today is due to the fact that PLA/PBAT mailers still represent such a small portion of the global mailer supply. Additionally, you can tell if someone attempted to tamper with the packaging prior to delivery.

The carton can be folded in mere seconds. It is a straightforward design that is simple to construct, pack, and seal. This means that you can quickly bundle numerous items for shipping.

A further characteristic is their stackability. Due to the sturdy nature of the boxes, they can be stacked without incurring harm. The stacking of these containers will not deform them.

These eco-friendly mailing boxes are ideal for sending non-fragile articles. These may consist of gifts, literature, clothing, and footwear. The items must be lightweight and non-spillable. One method to make a difference is to use only these boxes.

Customers comment that the boxes are lightweight and an economical way to dispatch products. These are the correct measurement for shipping, but one customer had a quality issue. Boxes were damaged during delivery to the customer’s residence.

  1. Biodegradable Polymailers from KTOB

These 100% compostable shipping envelopes are available from KTOB. After delivery, the customer can rapidly decompose them in a compost pit.

The eco-friendly material reduces CO2 emissions by 60%, resulting in a small ecological footprint. It is also BPA-free and non-toxic.

Any company that utilizes these mailings can enhance its corporate image. These black envelopes have an original design and meet industry standards. They are socially responsible, sustainable, and environmentally favorable.

The biodegradable envelopes lack padding. This facilitates the packaging of additional oversized products or multiple items in a single envelope. Each envelope contains a tamper-evident seal that alerts you if someone attempts to open the mail.

The manufacturer has sold over 2.5 million poly mailers for shipping non-fragile products that are easy to use. These are lightweight and secure packages during delivery. The biodegradable envelopes are impermeable and resistant to the elements. When liquids come into contact with the contents, there will be no adverse effect.

All writing on the envelopes is done with ink made from water. It is more environmentally benign and contains no plastic or PVC.

Customers who have utilized the biodegradable envelopes report that they are durable and deter tampering once secured. Additionally, they are simple to reuse or recycle if they are not placed in the compost bin.

Therefore, composters should ideally receive primarily food and yard waste.

  1. Biodegradable Bubble Mailers from KIPULU

KIPULU manufactures 100% biodegradable envelopes that can be composted after use. The use of repurposed maize starch and eco-friendly PBAT in accordance with ASTM 6400, EN13432, BPI, and OK reduces the carbon footprint of these envelopes.

These envelopes are manufactured from a durable material that ensures the safety of their contents during shipping. Because they contain bubble wrap, these biodegradable padded envelopes are ideal for transporting fragile items.

Unfortunately, as we encourage municipalities to accept more and more materials for composting, we are producing a final compost product that we would not want to use to enrich soils.

There is no need for glue to secure these envelopes. They are self-sealing and made without plastic. It is well-sealed by the self-adhesive and cannot be tampered with during shipping.

This rigid and durable compostable mailer can transport bulky items without readily tearing. It withstands the shipping journey well and reaches undamaged. Compostable poly mailers are precisely the type of material we do not want in our compost.

Utilizing these biodegradable envelopes is advantageous for all businesses. It emphasizes its dedication to social responsibility and environmental preservation.


What is the most eco-friendly mailer?

Many individuals believe that 100% compostable envelopes are manufactured from 100% renewable resources. Using eco-friendly envelopes is one effective method. Did you realize that eco-friendly, reusable mailers can be used to ship your products?

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